How it works?

Sign up

For credibility and better communication among businesses in our community you should sign up with a company mail and you should complete your company profile that granted a real and powerful community for you that really help you save your cash and grow your business

Find a project

for earning credit (Mosto) search for a project that you can provide you will find it color coded blue means that the project is open and no proposals yet green mean that the project is in the negotiation stage and not make a deal yet

Submit a proposal

submit a proposal with duration and price our private currency in our community is called MOSTO and it equal to 1 dollar ( 1M = 1$ ) Make your price realistic and competitive it's a real market


Start negotiation with the project owner in private messages below your proposal. be clear and accurate in the negotiation details. after pressing deal button the proposal become not editable


just the project owner accept your proposal and press deal we will take our cash fees from the project owner ( service seeker ) it's 5% of the project price. in this case you as a provider you won't pay any fees. you only pay when you seek a service. also we hold the price of the project (Mosto) and transfer it for you after delivering the deal

Deliver & earn Mostos

Finally, drop you deliverables link in a message and request your payment, after the confirmation that the deal is completed successfully form project owner we send your mostos to your account that you can use it to buy any services your business need


Make sure that your price is competitive and reliable, avoid high or low pricing.

Just make it the same price that you sell your service in the traditional market.

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